The LoA Profile Registry is maintained by IANA. The registry and its registration process is described in RFC6711 where it states that registrations are subject to review by a team of experts appointed by the IESG.

The expert review team currently consists of:

  • John Bradley (Ping Identity)
  • Joni Brennan (Kantara Initiative)
  • Jim Fenton (independent)
  • Leif Johansson (NORDUnet)
  • Lucy Lynch (Internet Society)
The experts are tasked with reviewing registration requests in accordance with the review guidance described in RFC6711.

Register your LoA Profiles

Follow this description of the registration process.

Consuming the Registry

The authoritative registry is located at Vendors of identity management software that relies on either SAML level of assurance authentication context class references or other similar technology are encouraged to use the IANA registry in much the same way that the time zone database is used.