1. Describe your LoA profile(s) using the registration template in RFC6711.
  2. Submit your registration to IANA using their generic registration request form. The form should be filled in this way:
    Contact Name
    Name of the registrant contact
    Contact Email
    Preferably a non-personal address for the registration.
    What type of assignment/registration are you requesting
    Use the text: Level of Assurance Profile
    Which registry are you requesting this assignment/registration be made in?
    Use the text: Level of Assurance Profile Registry
    If possible, please give a brief description of why you need this assignment/registration.
    Provide short description of trust framework.
    Additional Information. Please include a reference to the specification or RFC (if available) that defines this number or name space.
    Include your RFC6711 filled-out registration template or a HTTPS reference to the same text.
  3. Await review response.